How do you keep a kid connected to an expensive hearing aid? Of course, with Critter Clips lightweight lanyard attaches to the Behind-the-Ear (BTE) hearing aid, ten clips securely to the child's clothing. The choice of clever critters is guaranteed to produce a smile. Don't let another day go by without a critter or two. They are so inexpensive, you can corral the entire menagerie.

Critter Clips
Croc O'Dile, Monaural ~ 3820 ~ $8.95 [Order]
Croc O'Dile, Binaural ~ 3820 ~ $12.95 [Order]
Cool Cat, Monaural ~ 3820 ~ $8.95 [Order]
Cool Cat, Binaural ~ 3820 ~ $12.95 [Order]
Hon E Bear, Monaural ~ 3820 ~ $8.95 [Order]
Hon E Bear, Binaural ~ 3820 ~ $12.95 [Order]
Wabbit, Monaural ~ 3820 ~ $8.95 [Order]
Wabbit, Binaural ~ 3820 ~ $12.95 [Order]
Dogzilla, Monaural ~ 3820 ~ $8.95 [Order]
Dogzilla, Binaural ~ 3820 ~ $12.95 [Order]

Dino Clips
Rex, Monaural ~ 3820 ~ $8.95
Rex, Binaural ~ 3820 ~ $12.95
Trixi, Monaural ~ 3820 ~ $8.95
Trixi, Binaural ~ 3820 ~ $12.95
Bronto, Monaural ~ 3820 ~ $8.95
Bronto, Binaural ~ 3820 ~ $12.95
Steg, Monaural ~ 3820 ~ $8.95
Steg, Binaural ~ 3820 ~ $12.95

Monaural, 3824 ~ $8.95
Binaural, 3826 ~ $12.95

Choose from: Cow, Pig, Sheep, Rooster, and Tractor

Mr. BTE MR. B.T.E.~ G740 ~ $29.95 [Order]
Mr. B.T.E. is a soft, cuddly 18" stuffed toy in the shape of a Behind The Ear (B.T.E.) hearing instrument. Children adore him, and parents love him because he provides safe, secure overnight storage and important moisture removal for the youngster's hearing instrument. Made of soft plush material in green and beige colors. Mr. B.T.E. comes with moisture removal container and care instructions.

Sethoset STETHOSET ~ 3412 ~ $22.95 [Order]
An invaluable instrument for testing the hearing aid(s) to ensure proper performance. Great for parents or teachers to test child's aid.

Huggie Aids HUGGIE AIDS ~ 3640 ~ $7.50 [Order]
Hearing aid retainers for active adults and children. Designed to secure hearing aid behind the ear to prevent loss or damage. Sizes available in 1/4" increments.


With SUPER SEALS, feel confident wearing hearing aid(s) while working, playing, or exercising. SUPER SEALS protect behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aids from moisture, perspiration, hair spray, or dirt and grime. SUPER SEALS stay on the hearing aid(s) at all times until a battery needs to be replaced. The volume and other controls remain on the proper settings unless the wearer changes them. They are available in three sizes: large, standard, and mini.

Super Seal Starter Kit SUPER SEALS STARTER KIT ~ STARTER KIT ~ $25.95
  • 12 disposable Super Seals, installation tool and instructions
    Select the size and color:
    Large Beige ~ 3580LB
    Large Assorted ~ 3580LA
    Std. Beige ~ 3580SB
    Std. Assorted ~ 3580SA
    Mini Beige ~ 3580MB
    Mini Assorted ~ 3580MA

  • Super Seal Refill Kit SUPER SEALS REFILL KIT ~ REFILL KIT ~ $13.95
  • 12 disposable Super Seals and complete instructions
    Select the size and color:
    Large Beige ~ 3584LB
    Large Assorted ~ 3584LA
    Std. Beige ~ 3584SB
    Std. Assorted ~ 3584SA
    Mini Beige ~ 3584MB
    Mini Assorted ~ 3584MA

  • Moisture Guard MOISTURE GUARD ~ 3345 ~ $59.95 [Order]
    Reduce costly repairs due to moisture damage! This attractive, cherrywood box stores two of any type of hearing aid overnight while generating dry heat to remove harmful moisture. Help to extend the life of your hearing aids and improve sound clarity and performance.

    Eargene EARGENE ~ 3501E ~ $6.00 [Order]
    For soothing, cleaning and healing the tender area occupied by the earmold(s) or hearing aid(s). Tested and proven effective for over 35 years.

    Otoferm OTOFERM CREME ~ 3219E ~ $3.50 [Order]
    Provides gentle comfort when using earmold(s), canal tip(s), or in-the-ear hearing aid(s). Allows easier insertion and removal. Provides a more effective acoustic sound seal.

    Anti-Itch Cream ANTI-ITCH CREME ~ 3470E ~ $5.25 [Order]
    Doctor recommended formula for relief of itchy ears. Works fast and won't dry ears. Contain 1% hydrocortisone cream. 1 oz. tube.

    Ear Removal System EAR WAX REMOVAL SYSTEM ~ 3465E ~ $5.50 [Order]
    Audiologist's Choice, fast-acting formula for effective removal of ear wax.
    REFILL KIT ~ 3468E ~ $3.50 [Order]

    Mini Dri-Aid MINI DRI-AID ~ 3316E ~ $6.50 [Order]
    Sturdy, compact moisture resistant container keep airtight seal and removes harmful moisture from ITE, canal, CIC and mini BTE hearing aids. Silica gel can be reactivateer again.

    Mini Super Dri-Aid MINI SUPER DRI-AID ~ 3315E ~ $8.50 [Order]
    Compact size, ideal for travel. Uses the same type of rechargeable pellets as Super Dri-Aid in a smaller container.

    Super Dri-Aid SUPER DRI-AID ~ 3313E ~ $10.50
    Protects all types of hearing aids from damaging moisture. Super absorbent formula effectively removes humidity from hearing aids to preserve and maximize performance. Pellets can be recharged in oven or microwave and used indefinitely.

    Dri-Aid Kit DRI-AID KIT ~ 3314E ~ $5.50 [Order]
    Works while you sleep to remove harmful moisture. Heavy duty sealable pouch with container of silica gel. Can be rejuvenated to work over and over again.

    Hearing Aid Dehumifier HEARING AID DEHUMIFIER ~ 3310E ~ $5.00 [Order]
    Designed for function and style, large enough for two BTEs. Guards against moisture to extend the life of your hearing aid. Silica gel can be reactivated in microwave or oven. Specify choice of colorful fish or duck container.

    Dry Spot Dehumifier DRY SPOT DEHUMIFIER ~ 3312E ~ $9.95 [Order]
    Attractive, plastic/crystal container. Patented decant pillow, now microwaveable. Large enough for two BTEs. Easy open lid with wide opening. Silica gel can be reactivated in microwave or oven.

    Hearing Health Care Kit HEARING HEALTH CARE KIT ~ 3188 ~ $24.95 [Order]
    Necessary products for hearing aid maintenance packaged in a convenient carrycase. Each kit contains: Eargene - to soothe itchy ears, Mini Dri-Aid, Sanitize Spray, Battery Tester, and Cleaning Tools. Make a great gift!

    Earmold Air Blower EARMOLD AIR BLOWER ~ 3203E ~ $3.65 [Order]
    Removes moisture and foreign matter from molds and tubing after cleaning to provide a clear opening from hearing aid to eardrum. Also eliminates tubing blockage from condensation in humid climates.

    Clean Aid CLEAN AID ~ 3528E ~ $4.75 [Order]
    Cleaner and deodorizer keeps hearing aids and earmolds clean and smelling fresh. Small, compact 1 oz. size is ideal for carrying in pocket or purse. Ideal for all types of hearing aids.

    Sanitize H/H SANITIZE H/H ~ 3524E ~ $5.95 [Order]
    Germicidal cleaning spray that cleans and sanitizes hearing aids and earmolds. Convenient 4 oz. pump spray.

    Hearing Aid Maintenance Kit HEARING AID MAINTENANCE KIT ~ 3187E ~ $8.95 [Order]
    For all types of hearing aids. Maintenance kit contains wax removal tool, key chain battery tester, and cleaning brush.

    ITE Tool Kit ITE TOOL KIT ~ 3200E ~ $3.00 [Order]
    Maintain optimum hearing aid performance. Each kit includes a mini-brush, wax removal tool, and all purpose pick.

    Wonder Tool WONDER TOOL ~ 3192 ~ $4.95 [Order]
    Provided the perfect solution for removing a battery from an ITE hearing instrument.

    Hearing Aid Pouch HEARING AID POUCH ~ 3560 ~ $1.95 [Order]
    Accommodates any size hearing aid. Grey velour with soft padded lining. Popular, velcro closure.

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