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Hearing Aid Dryers

Dry & Store Global II
Price: $107.95 $89.95 On Sale
SKU: 3317
Effectively Removes Moisture & Germs from Hearing Equipment
  • Acknowledged worldwide as the leader in hearing instrument care
  • + Replacement Parts & Accessories
    Serene Renew DB-100
    Price: $69.95
    SKU: 3331
    Hearing Aid Dryer and Freshener
  • Uses gentle, dry heat to remove moisture and condensation
    Zephyr by Dry & Store
    Price: $74.95
    SKU: 3334
    Economical Version of the Dry & Store
  • Same features as the Global model except without the UV lamp
  • Proven technology, maximum drying effectiveness
  • + Replacement Parts & Accessories
    Zephyr Travel Case
    Price: $12.95
    SKU: 3335
    Protect your Zephyr from scuffs and scrapes with this attractive, zippered travel case. Made of durable luggage-grade fabric, itís small enough to tuck inside your suitcase or overnight bag, but it still has plenty of room for an extra Dry-Brik II and your power supply.
    AudioDry Hearing Aid Dryer
    Price: $34.95
    SKU: 3343
    Using Patented PTC (positive temperature coefficient) heating technology, AudioDry units supply gentle heat to hearing instruments, effectively driving out moisture...

    Click image for more information.
    ReStore Hearing Aid Drying Case
    Price: $89.99
    SKU: 3344
    Protect & Dry Hearing Instrument(s)
  • Gently dries hearing aids in three hours or less
  • Extremely light & small
  • No desiccant bricks needed
  • Sturdy case can also fit two Super Power BTE's with tubes and earmolds
  • Carry-case included
  • Low wattage, extremely safe
    Universal Sanitizer
    Price: $59.95
    SKU: 3356
  • Prevents costly repairs and maintains peak performance
  • Uses gentle heat to remove harmful moisture
    Price: $495.00
    SKU: 3594
    Designed specifically for in-home use, it is the ultimate consumer-friendly hearing device cleaning system.
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