Alarm Clocks

Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock SBB500
Price: $49.95
SKU: 6419
Dark, New, Hip Design Appeals to all Ages!
Sonic Shaker SBP100
Price: $34.95
SKU: 6407
Portable Vibrating Alarm Clock - Perfect for Travel
  • Awaken with powerful bed shaker and extra loud pulsating alarm
    Serene VA3 Vibrating Alarm Clock
    Price: $49.95
    SKU: 6281
    Travel Friendly, Fully Portable and Ready to Go When You Are!
  • Gradual, powerful vibration to wake even the heaviest sleeper in silence
  • Selectable audio and bright flasher alarm modes to suit your needs
  • Large, bright and easy to read screen
    ClearSounds SW200 Shake Up Wake Up Alarm Clock
    Price: $89.95
    SKU: 6572
    Wake up four different ways. Choose the wake-up option that works for your needs: the shaker, shaker plus sound, flashing lights plus sound or shaker plus flash.
    Wake Assure Alarm Clock
    Price: $69.95
    SKU: 6360
    Assures You'll Wake Up On Time!
  • Super bright 2" LED display
  • Use any combination of light, sound and vibration
  • Loud (95dB) buzzer with adjustable volume and tone control
    Amplicom TCL100 Analog Alarm Clock
    Price: $89.95
    SKU: 6362
    Unique Cordless Bed Shaker
  • Rechargeable cordless bed shaker
  • Bed shaker will work during power outage
  • Up to 90dB alarm
    Amplicom TCL200 Digital Alarm Clock
    Price: $99.95
    SKU: 6364
    Features Cordless Bed Shaker & Dual Alarm
  • Rechargeable cordless bed shaker
  • Bed shaker will work during power outage
  • Dual alarm time
    Sonic Boom Alarm Clock SB1000
    Price: $64.95
    SKU: 6411
    Waken to Flashing Light, Sounding Alarm, Gentle Vibration... or All Three!
    Sonic Boom Alarm Clock SB1000SS
    Price: $89.95
    SKU: 6411C
    Save when purchasing the Sonic Boom Alarm Clock with the Pillow/Bed Vibrator.
    Sonic Boom The Skull Alarm Clock SBS550bc
    Price: $54.95
    SKU: 6402
    Bad To the Bone!
  • Pulsating eyes and alert lights
  • Audio input jack for MP3 and iPod
  • Silver color with red display and alerts
  • Extra loud 113dB audio alarm
  • Adjustable tone and volume
  • Powerful 12-volt bed shaker
    Sonic Boom Alarm Clock SBD375
    Price: $59.95
    SKU: 6409

    Dual Alarm Setting Capability

  • 2 alarm times for his/her wake up schedule
  • Audible alarm adjustable up to 113dB
    Sonic Bomb Jr.
    Price: $39.95
    SKU: 6427
    Perfect for Guys and Girls of all Ages!
    Sonic Boom Alarm Clock SB300
    Price: $54.95
    SKU: 6408
    Features Extra Large LED Display
  • Audible alarm up to 113dB...
    Sonic Boom Alarm Clock Model SBT425
    Price: $54.95
    SKU: 6406
    Cost Effective, Full-Featured Bedside Alarm Clock
  • Built-in telephone signaler, never miss another...
    Sonic Boom Alarm Clock SBR350
    Price: $59.95
    SKU: 6404
    Full Featured Alarm With AM/FM Radio
  • Built-in AM/FM radio...
    Sonic Boom SB200
    Price: $44.95
    SKU: 6410
    Perfect for Travel
  • Audible alarm adjustable up to 113dB...
    Sonic Boom Alarm Clock SBH400
    Price: $49.95
    SKU: 6403
    Designed for Girls Who Just Want to Have Fun.
    Cool, hot pink color, fun multi-colored display with...
    Sonic Boom Alarm Clock SBA475
    Price: $49.95
    SKU: 6405
    Designed for Those Who Prefer the Ease of Use of an Analog Alarm Clock.
    With an easy to set alarm, no a.m. or p.m. to be confused...
    Sonic Boom Vibrator SS12VW - White
    Price: $32.95
    SKU: 6415
    Use with Sonic Boom Alarm Clock.
    Sonic Boom Vibrator SS12V Black
    Price: $32.95
    SKU: 6426
    Use with Sonic Boom Alarm Clock SB500.
    Extension Cord SBE115
    Price: $12.95
    SKU: 6429
    Extend the Sonic Boom Vibrator Cord of Your Sonic Boom Alarm
    Lifetone HLAC 100
    Price: $165.00
    SKU: 6542
    Lifetone HL™ Bedside Fire Alarm and Clock
    The first of its kind; the Lifetone HL™ Bedside Fire Alarm and Clock uses a 520 Hz square-wave sound pattern proven by the Fire Protection Research Foundation to be more effective at alerting than standard fire alarms.
    Heavy Duty Bed Vibrator
    Price: $59.95
    SKU: 6485
    Great For Heavy Sleepers
  • Large size for double, queen or king size beds
  • Place between mattress and box…
    Reizen Braille Quartz Alarm Clock
    Price: $79.95
    SKU: 6568
    This clock has glow-in-the-dark hands and a tactile dial with Braille numbers and is specifically designed for low vision or Deaf-Blind individuals.
  • Easy-to-read and use
  • Large, over-sized button
  • Removable clear plastic cover
  • Black face with glow-in-the-dark white hands
    Visi-bel Strobe
    Price: $39.95
    SKU: 6501
    Telephone Ring Indicator with “Near” and “Far” Settings
    An auxiliary strobe that functions as both a telephone alert signaler for incoming calls and as a visual alert extension for the Shake Awake vibrating alarm clock. Equipped with two visual signaling settings intended to customize your alert system for your specific needs.
    Access 4TM Alarm Clock w/ VIBES Bedshaker
    Price: $89.95
    SKU: 6503
    More Than Just an Alarm Clock!
  • Be alerted to the telephone ringing or for wake-up with an combination of light, sound, or vibration (with optional vibrator, below)
  • Flashing LED light for visual alert
  • Audible, extra loud alarm (can also be turned off)
    Access 4TM Alarm Clock Vibrator
    Price: $24.95
    SKU: 6504
  • Use with Access 4TM Alarm Clock
  • 12V bed vibrator
  • One-year warranty
    Pillow Bed/Vibrator SS120V
    Price: $44.95
    SKU: 6412
    Plugs into the electrical outlet of any Sonic Alert signalers
    VibrAlarm Clock
    Price: $89.95 $39.95 On Sale
    SKU: 6507
    This digital alarm clock comes equipped with multiple alert options for waking up even the deepest sleeper whether by audio, visual, or touch signaling.

    Click image for more information.
    Price: $39.00
    SKU: 6312
    Portable Vibrating Travel Alarm Clock
    Compact and convenient, the travelTim battery-powered, vibrating alarm clock will wake you, with or without an audible alarm. Sleep Soundly, knowing you will wake up on time.