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Sign Language - Curriculum

Conversational Sign Language II
W. Madsen - This book presents English words and their ASL equivalents in 63 lessons. Divided into three parts, the text covers 750 words and their signs, interpretation of 220 English idioms and over 300 ASL idioms and colloqualisms prevalent in informal conversations. Each lesson is illustrated with follow-up exercises and practice tests after every third lesson. (218 pgs, softcover, 6x9)

Intermediate Conversational Sign Language
W. Madsen - A unique approach to using ASL and English in a bilingual setting. Each of the 25 lessons contains an introductory paragraph, translation exercises, vocabulary review, grammatical notes, substitution drills and activities. (400 pgs, softcover, 8-1/2x11)

A Basic Course in American Sign Language
T. Humphries, C. Padden & T.J. O'Rourke - This popular textbook contains 22 lessons which present basic explanations and examples of ASL structure, drills and exercises, vocabulary and dialogues for conversation. Illustrations are clear and simple to follow. Also included is a section on Deaf Culture and Community. (288 pgs, softcover, spiral bound, 7x10)

A Basic Course in American Sign Language Student Study Guide
F. DeCapite - Designed to supplement the text above, this guide provides a wide array of supplemental practice materials for student and teacher. Exercises and practice sentences allow students to practice receptive and expressive skills. (197 pgs, softcover, spiral bound, 8-1/2x11)

Un Curso Basico de Lenguaje Americano de Senas
Translated by L. Rubio, G. Delgado, Ed. - America's number one sign language text features English and Spanish translations side by side! This book is designed for teachers, parents and students working with Deaf Hispanic American children and adults learning English and American Sign Language. (356 pgs, softcover, 8-1/2x11)

A Basic Course In American Sign Language Videotapes
Designed to illustrate the various exercises and dialgoues preented in A Basic Course in American Sign Language. Four Deaf teachers and three hearing students provide a variety of models for the exercises. Offers excellent practice in reading signs in conversation. Ideal for classroom reinforcement and home study. (Each video is approximately 60 to 90 minutes in length and includes voice-over, no captions)
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A Basic Course in ASL Lessons 1-7 Video

A Basic Course in ASL Lessons 8-14 Video

A Basic Course in ASL Lessons 15-22 Video

A Basic Course in ASL: Conversation Video

A Basic Course in ASL Vocabulary Video

From Mime To Sign
G. Eastman - More that 1,000 photographs illustrate how gestures, mime and facial expressions used every day can become the basis for learning sign language. Drama professor and professional story teller Gil Eastman shares his unique and successful approach to teaching and learning this very visual language. An ideal introduction to sign language. (183 pgs, softcover, 8x10)

From Mime To Sign Videotapes
Three videotapes accompany and enhance the text From Mime To Sign, demonstrating techniques chapter by chapter. Learn how to synthesize gesture, mime, facial expression and American Sign Language to truly open the door to "visual thinking".
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From Mime To Sign Chapters 1-5 Video
(40 mins, captions, no voice-over)

From Mime To Sign Chapters 10-11 Video
(40 mins, captions, no voice-over)

From Mime To Sign Chapters 6-9 Video
(50 mins, captions, no voice-over)

Sign With Kids!!
D. Schmidt - A Sign Language Curriculum just for kids. This book provides 25 lessons and activities for topics that kids need for everyday life, plus 5 additional lessons for holidays & speical occasions. Use with any sign system for beginner, intermediate or advanced levels. (288 pgs, spiral bound softcover, 10-3/4x9-1/4)

Teachers Resource Text on Grammar and Culture, A
This volume of the American Sign Language Series explains in depth the grammar and structure of ASL while also presenting a description of the Deaf community in the United States. Written for teachers with minimal training in linguistics, it includes many illustrations, examples, and dialogues that also focus on specific aspects of the Deaf community. (488 pgs, softcover, 7x10)

Teachers Resource Text on Curriculum, Methods, and Evaluation, A
This practical textbook details the frame-work for understanding and using second language teaching techniques for ASL. Using this interactive approach to teaching language, instructors can create situations to help students learn how to converse in ASL. Conducting dialogues and drills in the classroom is explained fully; activities and exercises to supplement dialogues and drills in student textbooks are provided. (204 pgs, softcover, 7x10)

Student Texts
The three Student texts are designed to help students acquire conversational ability in ASL and an awareness and appreciation of deaf poeple. Each text contains nine instructional units that present major grammatical features of ASL through dialogues, introduce students to the intricate features of ASL structure, and discuss individual grammatical features with sample drills to reinforce mastery of each one.
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Student Text Units 1 - 9
(202 pgs, softcover, 7x10)

Student Text Units 10 - 18
(196 pgs, softcover, 7x10)

Student Text Units 19 - 27
(196 pgs, softcover, 7x10)

Stories From Gina
G. Joslin - 25 chapters designed to teach ASL. Fictitious adventures of a deaf girl, Gina, presents vocabulary, insights into structure of ASL and culture of the deaf community. Contains teaching suggestions, resources, and comprehensive vocabulary lists. (200 pgs, softcover, 8-1/2x11)

Learn To Sign the Fun Way!
Let your fingers do the talking, with games, puzzles, and activities in American Sign Language!
P. Warner
- The perfect guide to signing - for everyone! Whether you are a teacher, or a parent, this lively self-guided book of ASL will quickly become your kids' new favorite teacher. Great games and activities for both individual and classroom with signs grouped by topics that appeal especially to kids, including: people, animals, food & drinks, colors, sports, alphabet & numbers, activities, action, body parts, school talk, thoughts & feelings, silly & fun signs, clothing, and much more! (206 pgs, softcover, 7x9)

Signing Naturally 1: Student
C. Smith, E. M. Lentz & K. Mikos - Ideal for students to practice and reinforce their signing outside the classroom. This newly expanded workbook includes vocabulary review of 1,000 signs. The accompanying videotext shows how sign is used in context and coincides with exercises in the textbook. (Text: 184 pgs, softcover, 8-1/2x11, Video: 120 mins, no voice, no captions)

Signing Naturally 1: Teacher
C. Smith, E. M. Lentz & K. Mikos - Instructional units of 100-120 hours provide a guide to teach students singing fluency and comprehension on topics such as family, introductions, occupations, and recognizing shapes. Activities and classroom materials include vocabulary and grammar in context. (Text: 336 pgs, spiral bound, 8-1/2x11, Video: 22 mins, no voice, no captions)

Signing Naturally 2 Student
C. Smith, E. M. Lentz & K. Mikos - A continuation of Level 1 with added features such as language in action, more advanced vocabulary, and more dialogue. Learning advanced grammatical uses of ASL, students see how sign movements can be modified to different meaning. (Text: 184 pgs, softcover, 8-1/2x11, Videos: 2-240 mins, no voice, no captions)

Signing Naturally 2: Teacher
C. Smith, E. M. Lentz & K. Mikos - A continuation of Level 1, this set includes more advanced instructional materials for longer conversational dialogues, stories, poetry and vocabulary review. (Text: 228 pgs, spiral bound, 8-1/2x11, Video: 34 mins, no voice, no captions)

Signing Naturally Level 3 Student Videotext & Workbook
K. Mikos, C. Smith, E.M. Lentz - The newest in the Signing Naturally series, the most widely used curriculum in the United States and Canada. Through challenging excercises in the student workbook and videotext, students will learn to build language skills such as: Expanded student discourse, Advanced ASL structure and vocabulary, Role-shift variations, Formal storytelling, and Formal/Informal presentations.Includes a 40 minute Signing Stories video that showcases a variety of signers in eight separate narratives. (Book: 272 pgs, softcover, 8-1/2x11, Videos: VHS, 90 mins & 40 mins, no voice, no captions)

Signing Naturally Level 3 Teacher's Curriculum Guide
K. Mikos, C. Smith, E.M. Lentz - The final and most advanced curriculum in the Signing Naturally Series, level 3 develops beyond levels 1 and 2 with exciting new teaching tools that include an interactive set of easy-to-understand lesson plans, activities, and multimedia materials for use in the classroom. The units include signing lessons to help students learn how to build narrative skills from informal to formal styles, conversational skills used in everyday life, and language skills needed to explain ideas or concepts. (Teacher's Guide Book:416 pgs, hardcover, 8-1/2x11, Teacher's Video: 90 mins, ASL, no captions, Signing Stories Video: 40 mins, ASL, no captions, Material Kit)

Sign Me Alice & Laurent Clerc Two Deaf Plays
G. Eastman - This book of two plays provides a fascinating learning experience for Drama, English, or Language Arts students. Sign Me Alice, an outrageous comedy, teaches lessons about confrontations between Deaf and hearing over communication styles. Laurent Clerc is an emotional drama about the Deaf Frenchman who became America's first teacher of Deaf children. (176 pgs, softcover, 6x9)

Sign Me Alice & Laurent Clerc Teachers Set
G. Eastman - This set of two books includes the Classroom Guide to suggest activities and projects as well as the play book L286 (above). Classroom guide provides concise definitions of ASL, cued speech and SEE (Signed English). Guidance for setting, plot, mood, stage direction and comprehension checks will all help to provide a meaningful, valuable learning experience for students. (112 pgs, softcover, 6x9)

ASL Literature Series Student Workbook & Videotext
Ideal for Deaf studies students, this book and videotape set provide enhancement of comprehension and appreciation of ASL literature while introducing the art of narrative expression. Workbook includes comprehension checks, language notes, anecdotes and background in language formation. (Text: 208 pgs, softcover, 8-1/2x11, Video: 120 mins, no voice, no captions)

ASL Literature Series Teacher's Workbook & Videotext
ASL students can study language and culture of the Deaf community. This set provides a guide of how to make the most of classroom time with activities, and detailed lesson plans. Set also includes the student workbook and videotext (LV242, above) plus the Collector's Edition videotape (V244). (Text: 112 pgs, softcover, 8-1/2x11, Video: 77 mins, no voice, no captions)

ASL Literature Series Collector's Video
You will be wonderfully entertained by this ASL version of two original stories which offer keen insights on the "Deaf experience". Signed by the best of established and emerging contemporary ASL storytellers, Ben Bahan and Sam Supalla. An essential companion in the classroom as well as for your own personal collection. (60 mins, no voice, no captions)

Discovering Sign Language
L. Greene & E. Dicker - This fascinating book explains different kinds of hearing losses and the significance of when the loss occurred. Games and stories are provided to help young adults explore various sign language systems and their development in different cultures. (104 pgs, softcover, 5x8)

American Sign Language Basics for Hearing Parents of Deaf Children
J. F-King & J. K-King - This book provides an introduction to ASL which allows parents to begin communicating more effectively with their deaf children. The book introduces fundamental language concepts reinforced with practice activities. (148 pgs, softcover, 8-1/2x11)

ASL Basics for Hearing Parents of Deaf Children Video
(Signed in ASL, set of 2 video, 83-mins, voice-over, closed captions)

Learning American Sign Language
Levels I & II Beginning & Intermediate, Second Edition T. Humphries & C. Padden - This book is designed to help learners successfully interact with ASL users. Written by two leading authorities in the field, the 24 lessons in this book cover Beginning and Intermediate or Level I and II courses of study. Lessons are structured around language needed for common life situations, and examples are presented in the form of dialogues coupled with grammar and vocabulary instruction. (Text: 357 pgs, softcover, spiral bound, 8-1/2x11, Video: 90 mins, no voice-over, no captions)

Learning American Sign Language Textbook

Talk to the Deaf
L. Riekehof - Helps individuals who are interested in sign language and need to learn some basics. Provides readers with approximately 1,000 basic signs. Each sign is illustrated with graphics and written instructions to assure that the sign is performed correctly. Covers numerous aspects including relationship, pronouns, time, verbs, food and drink, religion, clothing, animals, and sports. Includes index. (hardcover, 149 pgs, 6-5/8x9-1/2)

Fundamentals of Evaluating Sign Language Programs
Checklists for Program Assessment M. Kemp - Designed for administrators and sign language teachers, includes detailed checklists and clear explanations for self-evaluations leading to improved programs. Provides the tools for program coordinators to review their programs and make necessary adjustments within eight areas: personnel selection, curriculum, placement interview, media utilization, teachers' performance, environmental aspects, supervisory effectiveness, and budget. (112 pgs, softcover, 6x9)

Sign Language Made Simple
E. Lawrence - This instructional study teaches signing with complete sentences, rather than one word at a time. It's an ideal guidebook for those who need to learn signing in a short period of time or for those who want or need to learn sign language for ministry or professional career purposes. Gives students more than 1,500 clearly illustrated signs in 600 sentences. Also provides five lessons using religious signs. Includes index. (240 pgs, hardcover, 6-3/4x10)

Say It With Hands
L. Fant - A beginning sign language text with practice excercises. Signs are arranged according to handshape. An index of vocabulary is also included for easy reference. (153 pgs, softcover, 5-1/2x8-1/2)

The Basics of Teaching American Sign Language
K. M. Cagle - The field of American Sign Language instruction has seen tremendous growth in the last several years, and accordingly the demand for qualified teachers has also increased. This informative videotape presents all of the critical basics that ASL instructors need to succeed. Essential information that introduces such areas as the history of ASL instruction, teaching strategies, classroom activities, ASL grammar, vocabulary, and conversational techniques. Other topics include Deaf culture, teaching fingerspelling, evaluation, and techniques, how to select appropriate textbooks, setting your course syllabus, and more. (Video:72 mins, signed in ASL, no captions, no voice-over, Booklet: 12 pgs)

Bravo ASL! Curriculum Instructor's Guide
The curriculum of choice for high schools, colleges, and community classes. The instructor's guide is a comprehensive, easy-to-use format with 400 step-by-step activities, over 200 ready-made overhead masters, quizzes and tests, ASL sign illustrations and more. For use with the Beginning American Sign Language VideoCourse (below). (924 pgs, softcover, 8-1/2x11)

Bravo ASL! Curriculum Student Workbook
The complete, ready-made curriculum that practically teaches ASL I and II for you! Includes many visual aids, thought/discussion questions, culture and grammar notes, games, activity instructions, and homework projects. Has a fully-illustrated "dictionary" of vocabulary. (350 pgs, softcover, 8-1/2x11)

Bravo ASL! Curriculum Activities Video
You and your students will love this comprehensive easy-to-use program! Multi-cultural, age-variant signers provide interactive activities that correspond to the lesson plans. Features Lou Fant, Nathie Marbury, and Billy Seago along with five Deaf children (ages 4-16). (VHS, 73 mins, no captions)

Beginning ASL Videocourse Series
Featuring instructor Billy Seago, this series of fifteen lessons provides beginners an effective way to succeed in learning American Sign Language. Applied in real-life situations each video takes you on a fun visit with the Bravo family. Learn new vocabulary, culture and grammar, reinforced with review and practice exercises. (Signed in ASL, voiced, closed captioned)
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Lesson One: Meet the Bravo Family
Visit the Bravo's home and learn signs associated with morning routines, such as taking a shower and brushing your teeth. Cultural topic: Attention-getting techniques. Grammatical topic: Question formats. (40 mins)

Lesson Two: Breakfast with the Bravo Family
You're invited to breakfast with the Bravos to learn signs about dining. Cultural topic: Cultural perspective. Grammatical topic: Adjectives in ASL. (40 mins)

Lesson Three: Where's the TV Remote
Learn about household signs as the Bravos search for the lost TV remote control. Cultural topic: Accessibility in the home. Grammatical topic: Negation. (30 mins)

Lesson Four: Lets Go Food Shopping
A grocery shopping trip serves up a generous portion of food-related signs. Cultural topic: Deaf culture folklore. Grammatical topic: Topic/comment structure. (40 mins)

Lesson Five: Review and Practice Session
Fun exercises and review of lessons 1-4. Features sentences, dialogues and a story performed by Billy Seago. (60 mins)

Lesson Six: Read Any Good Fingers Lately?
Simple as ABC! Billy shows you fingerspelling, and the kids and a new friend show you signs for colors. Cultural topic: Inclusion. Grammatical topic: Four parameters of sign production. (35 mins)

Lesson Seven: A School Daze
Attend class with Anna to learn school-related signs. Anna falls asleep and has a hilarious dream that makes learning fun. Cultural topic: Educational options. Grammatical topic: Directional verbs. (40 mins)

Lesson Eight: A School Daze (The Sequel)
Anna dreams on. If you don't wake her you will learn number signs in a funny ASL math lesson. Cultural topic: School for the Deaf. Grammatical topic: Conceptual accuracy. (35 mins)

Lesson Nine: Dollar Signs
Your interest will accumulate as you learn signs related to money and banking. Cultural topic: Vocational options. Grammatical topic: Production of signs for money. (50 mins)

Lesson Ten: Review and Practice Session
A perfect "ten" with plenty of review and practice activities to reinforce lessons 6-9. Cultural topic: Inclusion. Grammatical topic: Four parameters of sign production. (35 mins)

Lesson Eleven: Playing in the Park
Learn sports and nature signs as the Bravos visit the park. There is a dramatic moment you won't want to miss! Cultural topic: Medical emergencies. Grammatical topic: Use of space. (45 mins)

Lesson Twelve: The Doctor is IN!
Learn signs everyone needs to know as the Bravos share a touching hospital experience. Cultural topic: Accessibility in medical settings. Grammatical topic: Facial expressions. (45 mins)

Lesson Thirteen: Business as UNusual
You will want to work overtime learning valuable work-related signs! Cultural topic: Access to the workplace. Grammatical topic: Incorporating numbers. (45 mins)

Lesson Fourteen: Let's Go Clothes Shopping!
Learn clothing and shopping signs with a trip to the store that turns up much more than clothes for the Bravo kids. Cultural topic: Raising a Deaf child. Grammatical topic: Classifiers. (45 mins)

Lesson Fifteen: Review and Practice Session
Bravo! This final lesson sharpens new skills by reviewing all you have learned. Includes fun practice activities. (65 mins)

Learning To See
American Sign Language as a Second Language S. Wilcox, P.P. Wilcox - Lays solid groundwork for teaching and studying ASL by outlining the structure of this unique visual language. Myths and misconceptions about ASL are laid to rest at the same time that the fascinating, multifaceted elements of Deaf culture are described. Students will be able to study ASL and gain a thorough understanding of the cultural background, which will help them to grasp the language more easily. An explanation of the linguistic basis of ASL follows, leading into the specific, and above all, useful information on teaching techniques. (160 pgs, softcover, 6x9)

Target Practice
M.L. Woolsey - A resource ASL teachers will use everyday! Over 70 games and activities support specific concepts such as articulation, numerals, topicalization and discourse. Skill level required, amount of time needed, materials list and preparation suggestions are provided for games to be played in pairs or any size group. (142 pgs, spiral bound, 8-1/2x11)

Target Practice Student's Workbook
Provides game and activity worksheets from the teacher's guide with minimal English instructions. (100 pgs,spiral bound, 8-1/2x11)